The Gabie spirit

 Gabie's story  


The Gabie adventure began in february 2019, in Saint Jean de Luz, in the Basque Country. After living in Paris, I came back to my family in the Basque Country, and I moved in with my amatxi (my grandmother in Basque) in Ciboure, with the objective oflearn sewing, by working with several seamstresses in Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz while continuing to develop my knowledge of regional crafts. Once this knowledge was in my pocket, I was able to start my leather goods business.  


Today, the combination of different materials is Gabie's trademark. The maneuverability and the fancy textiles combined with robustness and the nobility of leather, led me to create bags and accessories that are unique in their style. From my love of craftsmanship, colors and beautiful materials, the choice of local manufacture was also imposed. Whether it is to minimize the brand's environmental impact or to collaborate with talented Basque artisans. So I established partnerships with renowned textile and leather houses. `


Passionate about beautiful pieces revolted by the pollution and the waste of material that the fashion industry generates, I also favor upcycling  when possible. 

 Finally, Gabie is a story of dating. The brand has been able to evolve thanks to those who believed in this project and who supported me. A huge thank you to those who recognize themselves as well as to those who will soon take part in this adventure!

Agathe Ningres, founder of Gabie


The love of French and artisanal leather goods  

Gabie is 100% made in France! 


Our requirement on the origin of our materials as well as on the design and production of our creations we makes it possible to obtain resolutely top-of-the-range leather goods. How do we do ?

First stage : All our products are first imagined, designed and then prototyped for the first time by Agathe in her shop and workshop of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Honestly, this is her favorite part!

Second step : Agathe works in partnership with beautiful traditional textile and leather houses to select the most qualitative and beautiful products she can find! 

Third step : once the first prototypes have been validated, the second parts are made in a craft workshop of leather from the South West of France. The know-how of the leatherworkers of this workshop ensures an incomparable treatment of our materials but also a remarkable rendering at the end of production. In short, we are delighted and we hope you will too!

Our inspirations 


 "Gaby, I have already told you that you are much more beautiful than Mauricette

What is beautiful as a firecracker that waits for more than a match It makes firefighters crackle "

You guess it "Gabie”Was inspired by the eponymous song by Alain Bashung: “Gaby oh! Gaby ”. If the spelling is different, we take inspiration from the creativity and spontaneity of this song from the 1980s!   


 Fauvism and its colors 

Minute culture! Initiated by Henri Matisse and André Derain and based on the use of flat areas of pure colors, fauvism was an artistic movement at the beginning of the 20th century. The colors used by painters of the time are vivid and very little mixed. The paintings move away from reality by experimenting with new colors for objects: trees can be blue, faces green… The shapes are also simplified. The nature and landscapes of the south of France fascinate Fauvist artists for their luminosity! All of these notions (and especially the colors!) Of a painting movement that only lasted ten years inspire our creations. 


All the forms that femininity can take 

Femininity cannot be reduced to pumps, nail polish and the blink of an eyelash. Words, a character trait, music, a style ... Femininity surrounds us and inspires us. It is infinite: there are as many women as there are femininity. See it wherever you want! It is abstract, intuitive, felt ... A vast space open to the imagination. For Gabie, this space is one of creation and inspiration. 


The good life ! 


Halfway between Italy and California is ...    The Basque country ! Without laughing, we love the sweetness of lifethe otherhenticity and chill under the palm trees. If fashion must be conscious, we see her too slight. Our vocation is not to change the world but rather to be a source of inspiration and pleasure to color, style and facilitate your daily life. We like to imagine our clients on the terrace of a cafe with their friends, dreaming about their next projects, planning a mountain getaway or laughing while sharing the details of their daily life.