Maintenance of your leather goods

Tips for maintaining your Gabie products


Our little leather shop and our accessories are made with cowhide leather (varnished or not). Our bags are made with full grain Taurillon Arbola leather. The patina made by hand in a family tannery in the South-West gives it this shiny appearance.  



First of all, remember to protect your leather goods from the sun, water, heat or sebum. Leather is a naturally waterproof material, it can however be permanently stained or damaged by a heavy downpour for example., So it is necessary to waterproof its leather parts (in particular vegetable tanned leather, dipped lamb, suede and nubuck) using a suitable aerosol can. 

To take care of your leathers on a daily basis, you have to hydrate and nourish them (a bit like us, they are hungry and thirsty!). Feed them with a solution fluid and oily (Mixa type).  


The details of our small pieces of leather goods, our belts and our bags are adorned with bull leather, also from the tannery Large family tannery of the South Ouest. The particularity of this leather is its velvety appearance, due to the light sanding full grain leather, who underwent treatment for stains and water, while keeping his velvet touch. You may have guessed it, this is the material that is also more commonly called nubuck! It makes you want to touch, we know that.  

Be careful never to feed this leather with oily lotion!

 Be careful, this material is fragile, and drinks stains much more than smooth leather, so you have to be particularly careful. To maintain it, brush it regularly with a soft or special nubuck bristle brush.  Tasks : pfor the fat, sprinkle your leather with talc or from land of Sommières. Let sit overnight before brushing. For soil, start by letting it dry. Then use a brush with a little ’soapy water and a drop of White vinegar. And finally, use a special spray to waterproof this type of leather and keep its color.  


The body of our bags is made of cotton textile: cotton twillcotton velvet or coated cotton, flexible and resistant and in infinite variations of colors and patterns, create unique, fluid and solid pieces.  


Take care of your textiles, cleaning them with a soft, clean cloth slightly dampened and impregnated with a little soap (Marseille soap type) Gently rub the fabric, then let your piece of leather goods dry well.

When? it depends on the time you spend with your leather goods! Do you take it everywhere with you or do you only take it out for special occasions? We leave it to you to estimate your need for refreshment!