💕 February 14: this year, Valentine's Day offers the best gift!

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Challenge: find (again) a good idea

Sac Miarritze Gabie

It may be your fifth or even your tenth valentine with her. First of all, congratulations, rejoice for having held together for so long in this beautiful and sometimes tumultuous vessel of love ⛵. 

"Love always" that's all well and good, but sometimes you are jealous of those who still find themselves in the gentle carefreeness of first dates. Ah, how easy it was to find a gift idea that appealed to the one you wooed. Today you can even be proud to think that it is your imagination and your enthusiasm to surprise her that have participated (a little) in the solidification of this union.

However, renewing yourself each year for the chosen one of your heart is not an easy task, we understand you. And since Gabie wants it to be fun (for both of you), this is where we come in ! (hello 🙋‍♀️).

So, are you ever sweating the search engines while scrolling on the tops of Valentine's Day gift ideas ?

Or, Valentine already told you that "don't bother giving her a present this year". What could make him say that anyway? Was she disappointed with previous Valentine's Day? You may never know 🤨 ... 

We have fun writing our little pamphlet to tease the "old" couples, but let's be honest: for those who are in the process of discovering each other, it is not always easy either. "Is it too much, not enough? Should I give her a present when we've only known each other for X weeks?"

This year, fear not for a successful Valentine's Day edition # 2021. Gabie's bags and accessories are (in all fairness 😉) beautiful and of good quality. This is our brand promise. They are made by Agathe, a 32-year-old leather worker passionate about design and fashion. It is for people like your Valentine that she imagines and creates her products, in her workshop in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Moreover, if you or Valentine wish to obtain highly personalized advice, Agathe opens her workshop by appointment and can guide you in your choices ☎️.

Find a gift in 3 clicks 💞!

A Valentine who wants some 

Gabie Cuir Made in France

You may have noticed it: for a few months, or even a few years, Valentine is more and more sensitive to ecology. No ? And she is right. Try to empowering one's consumption patterns and admitting that the planet's resources are exhaustible, this is not a fad, it is a foundation.

Of zero-waste movement for the purchase of bulk products. From the desire to minimize its packaging to that of reducing its carbon impact ... She is more and more enthusiastic about shopping for food in local markets.

Regarding his wardrobe, she adopted applications like Vinted, and began to prefer second-hand shops to shopping centers. She is sensitive to creators who work from materials (new or old) that were intended to be discarded: this is called upcycling. 

And all of these points are subjects Gabie is familiar with.

Indeed, Gabie is a responsible leather goods company. What does that mean ? We do our best in all aspects of the design and manufacture of our products. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the things that we strive to put in place: 
  • We design and manufacture all of our products in France, at Pays Basque, at Saint Jean de Luz. Come and visit our region, we will eat a good slice of well buttered Basque cake while breathing in the sea spray 🌊. It's perfect for your health. 

  • We work with traditional basque houses recognized for their know-how in leatherwork and sewing for decades.

  • Our materials are sometimes new, but they are upcycled in the majority and to the extent possible. This means that we collect scraps of leather or fabric that were intended to be thrown away.

  • We source and order our materials closer to home. Some materials come from Italy, but never from further away. Too, our carbon footprint is extremely small. This remains quite rare today in the world of leather goods, and we can say it because we are proud of it 💪.


Agathe Ningres, fondatrice de Gabie dans son atelier

Ideas for every budget

Forget them topitops, here we offer you a product at the level of Valentine. Quality and elegance, just that. Whatever your budget, there is a Gabie product that will make her happy, we promise. And if you need to be accompanied, take the test which will allow you to find a gift idea in 3 clicks!


small leather goods is the section suitable for smaller budgets. In this collection you will meet the Muñuñu (s), an adorable family of card holders and purses. Made from beautiful materials and with elegant details, they were designed to last. You will have to find another gift idea next year because they will still be intact 😄. 


Ceinture Ainhoa en cuir Gabie Maroquinerie

Gabie's accessories are suitable to intermediate budgets. Discover Ainhoa belts, made of leather and nubuck, which can enhance jeans, a dress or even a coat. 








Ttipi Miarritze Nude Gabie Maroquinerie
Ttipi Miarritze walletsare elegant, original and chic at the same time. They can slip into a bag or be used as a mini-bag attached to a belt, a thong or a scarf thanks to their small brass buckle. And why not make it an engagement ring for an original request 💍? Let your creativity !






Ensemble Ttipi Miarritze et ceinture Ainhoa

💖 Gabie's favorite, it is the Ainhoa belt set + Ttipi Miarritze wallet. This is where the magic happens: the Ttipi Miarritze wallet has a small brass buckle that fits like a charm around the Ainhoa belt. A WONDER 👇 (no?)






Sac Koloreko Noir et sac Miarritze Noir

The bag Koloreko Black and the bag Miarritze are two shoulder bags in black color but their look is very different.

The Koloreko, made of leather and fabric is both versatile and very elegant. It has a rounded shape and can also be worn over the shoulder or in the hand thanks to its golden handles. 

The Miarritze meanwhile, has a very feminine butterfly cut, and a tad more classic than the Koloreko. It is made of leather and alacantara. 



Koloreko couleurs Gabie maroquinerie

Gabie is a timeless brand. Yes, it is not because the bags were designed with summer colors that they are old-fashioned, quite the contrary.

The seasons work in cycles and summer always comes back 🌞 (but yes, in 6 months it's August 14 after all ...)!

The colorful Koloreko are still in place in our workshop-boutique and await their future owners. Spring, Nude, Green or Blue ...  Koloreko bags can be worn anyway, too, in any season. Spoiler alert: they will come back in force next summer and it is possible that the Koloreko family will grow 👶.


How about the gift card?

Carte-cadeau Gabie

If, despite everything, you stay undecided because the sparkling of Valentine can make it unpredictable... We invite you to go to the gift card!

The prices of the gift cards are the same as all Gabie products, so she will only have to choose color 🥰 






Come on Valentine, we are counting on you to make her dream this year! Hoping that you will find your happiness and that of Valentine among our proposals, we wish a very happy Valentine's Day to all.te.s.

Beautiful gifts of course, but above all a lot of love and tenderness!

See you soon !


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